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"Taurean Palace"

Birth of the earth sign, In honor of spring and my 30th solar return on Thursday.

Months ago I began sketching this design. I was inspired to create something that sang the song of my heart. I truly put a piece of myself into this creation. This creation is inspired by the beauty of the taurus, inside and out. It's about speaking your truth, being courageous and honoring your needs. We are divine and we deserve to be treated in such a way. The way of the taurus is the deepest truth.

This pendant was wrapped and woven completely by hand and plier, polished by dremel. All of my work is cold connected, no heat or solder involved.

Contains: blue & london blue topaz, tourmaline (pink, green, blue) tsavorite garnet, spinel, iolite, blue apatite,

Taurean Palace

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