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The Desert is where I am my happiest, where I feel the most at home. Last spring I experienced the beauty of the Cactus flowers in Utah for the first time, they inspired me and my creations ever since. My creations are not always just something I think would be cool to make, but manifestations from the Nectar of my experiences. A Cactus is sharp and ferocious yet it blossoms these beautiful flowers. It wants to be independent and respected, yet appreciated for the beauty it brings. I am so honored and excited to finally share this creation that has been in the works for quite some time! This pendant is available, payment plans are always available, message me directly to talk, or click the link in my bio.

***This amulet was woven into creation by hand, in sterling silver wire. Contains: Prasolite (green quartz) at the center, accented with blue topaz, spinel, garnet, and smaller tourmaline facets.

Desert Flower

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